Empower is a fully registered NPC that focusses on overcoming generational poverty through the power of strong connections and community. We enable this through providing three key functions, for entrepreneurs, housing and sustainable income projects.

The Run It Back Campaign

December fundraising

The Run It Back Campaign

Empower is a NPC that has a vision to overcome generational poverty in local communities. One of our core values is to empower entrepreneurs, therefore, something close to our hearts is local business. We realise the value and influence that business has on the community that surrounds it.

In George, South Africa, we have an electricity shortage, that we call load shedding. This means that our national government can decide on when George has electricity or not. At the height of load shedding, George was without power for 8 hours in a day. This has a massive effect on businesses.

Therefore, we as Empower decided to act and give back to our local businesses. We are raising funds during the month of December, to purchase at least 8 generators, to give to local businesses. Why? Because we believe in local business, and we want them to continue to stay open and make a profit in these challenging times. We want to thank the local businesses in our community, for adding value to our society! We will continue to cheer you on.

You can be involved! How? By participating in one or all three of the following.

  1. Commit to running 5km's every day for 8 Days (1 - 8 December 2022).
  2. Post about your run on your personal social media account and tag Empower. @Empowertp.org_
  3. Invest/donate R 5000/US$500 to the 2nd Annual Run It Back Campaign.

Your partnership with Empower and action to overcoming generational poverty is valued. Thank you! Together we are the change. Looking forward to seeing you running

"Empowerment: feeling confident in your ability, and encouraged in your circumstances, such that you feel motivated and at liberty to fully devote your talents to a purpose."

Monty Moran (CEO Chipotle)

Empower the

Educational programs for young entrepreneurs to develop their passion for thinking and finding solutions in the business sphere. We continue to equip and develop the individual through connecting them with mentors, which are local businesspersons and entrepreneurs. This offers practical skills and empowering before launching the learner into a self-sustainable future.

Empower the

Identifying heroes in the local community, which can be uplifted through a form of sustainable housing. So community heroes can be freed up to pursue their passions. Stable and sustainable housing is a primary factor in fighting the cycle of generational poverty.

Empower the

Providing seed funding projects that allow Empower, individuals and communities to become not only, self-sustainable, but also to grow into prosperous communities to continue and thrive for multiple generations. Building a generational prospering mindset moving forward.


Be a part of the team. Empower is built on the passion and commitment of many volunteers. No matter what your background is, you can make a difference. Connect with us today!

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